About Kemsales

We identify with our clients’ needs by providing the following:

The satisfaction of our clients is paramount...

The satisfaction of our clients is paramount and therefore we are constantly checking the performance of our staff through risk assessments, monthly audit tracking, and managerial/supervisory monitoring which are all used to constantly maintain standards.

We continually look to improve all elements of your cleaning operation and to achieve this we work with our clients to acquire a precise direction as to their specification. This is translated to our cleaning team and implemented to the highest level, then supervised to maintain the achieved standard.

We endeavour to improve and innovate through our knowledge of new equipment and chemicals.

We are continually reviewing staff training updates and on-going NVQ status. All of our staff are loyal and longstanding. We supply them with all the necessary PPE to cover any cleaning situation.

We are always fully commercially insured with top insurance companies.

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